Quadrostyle Agadir Black Wall & Floor Vinyl Tile Stickers 30cm x 30cm

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Luxury heavyweight vinyl stickers with a smooth matt finish.


Heat to Remove

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Quadrostyle Agadir Black Wall & Floor Vinyl Tile Stickers

For a quick and easy DIY makeover for old or dated wall and floor tiles, Quadrostyle Agadir Black peel and stick vinyl tile stickers provide instant design and colour for kitchen and bathroom splashbacks. The effect is so transformational, you’d never know they aren’t real tiles!

Printed using state-of-the-art digital technology, the vinyl is double laminated (as thick as a playing card) with a weatherproof coating, making the stickers highly durable and resistant to heat, water and daily wear and tear.

A special low-tack adhesive allows the stickers to be repositioned during application and easy to remove without damaging the surface underneath, making them the perfect product for renters.


Thin yet Tough

  • High quality, phthalate free PVC vinyl
  • As thick as a playing card, these stickers are made 508 microns thick, compared to only150 microns used by other popular brands
  • Durable, soft, silky and smooth to the touch
  • Water resistant if applied correctly
  • No grout or caulk required


  • Low-tack adhesive backing – the adhesive does not damage the original surface. Simply peel off to remove without leaving any residue
  • Repositionable
  • Not re-useable

Water Resistant

  • Perfect for covering wall and floor tiles in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. They can even be used on wall tiles in shower cubicles and around baths but should not be used in wet rooms or on a shower floor. (Always use bath mats in bathrooms)
  • The vinyl can withstand hot steam from stoves & showers, as long as the sticker is in 100% contact with the tile and not overhanging onto grout lines.

Non toxic

  • No VOCs. Safe for use in home, office and school

Hygienic and easy to clean

  • Splashes wipe off effortlessly (remove spillages that may stain eg curry immediately)
  • Use a general purpose kitchen or bathroom cleaner
  • Avoid scrubbing and harsh, abrasive chemicals
  • Not suitable for steam cleaning

Heat & fade resistant

  • The UV laminate coating not only protects against scratches & steam but also helps prevent fading
  • Suitable for use behind gas, electric & induction hobs but keep at least 10cm (4”) away from heat source
  • Too hot for you to touch? Then it’s too hot to apply vinyl stickers
  • Stickers do not have thermal properties and are not suitable for under floor heating

Easy to apply

  • No special tools or tradespeople required
  • Easy, peel & stick application
  • Trim using a craft knife, scalpel or sharp scissors


  • Leave the stickers in a warm place for 10 minutes to soften prior to installing
  • When you wish to remove the stickers, heat with a hairdryer for a few seconds to soften the adhesive

Please note: natural shrinkage of 1-2mm may occur



In General

  • Avoid application on areas that are likely to get hot. Remember, if it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot for a vinyl sticker !
  • Don’t apply over textured tiles or existing grout. The sticker needs 100% contact with a flat surface in order to stick properly
  • Don’t apply over dusty, damp, porous or cracked surfaces
  • Don’t scrub the surface or use harsh or abrasive chemicals when cleaning
  • Not suitable for steam cleaning

When using on floor tiles:

  • Don’t use on the floor of a shower cubicle
  • Not suitable for underfloor heating
  • Don’t allow the sticker to sit in water and ALWAYS use mats on the floor next to showers or baths to avoid slipping
  • Don’t try and slide furniture, appliances or other items with sharp feet over the tile sticker

When using on wall tiles:

  • Keep at least 10cm (4”) away from heat source

See our full range of 30 x 30 Quadrostyle tiles here!

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