Dc fix One Way Mirror (privacy) Self Adhesive Window Film

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Dc fix One Way Mirror (privacy) Self Adhesive Window Film

Dc fix self-adhesive mirror-effect film provides one-way privacy to windows and glazed doors.  When fitted to the INTERIOR side of external glazing, you will be able to see out, but noone will see in during daylight hours.  This vinyl offers high levels of heat protection at 95% but only allows 5% visible light transmission, darkening the room.  Mirror film also offers 99% UV protection, helping to reduce fading of furniture, carpets and soft furnishings.

  • 90cm x 1.5m
  • One way mirror-effect – you can see out in daylight hours, but others can’t see in
  • Not effective at night-time when lights are on indoors (only works where the light is greater)
  • Easy peel and stick application (cutter and squeegee included in the box)
  • This vinyl has a protective sheet, follow the instructions in the box for application
  • 99% UV protection
  • 95% reduction in direct heat radiation
  • 5% visible light transmission

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