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How to apply Quadrostyle Tile Stickers

Click on the diagrams to view a larger version or download the full PDF Guide.

You will need:

A general purpose kitchen cleaner & sponge. A utility knife and a pair of scissors. A soft cloth.

1: Clean the tiles thoroughly to remove any grease or dirt, then leave to dry.

2: Peel away the backing paper and position the sticker directly over the tile. Note: the sticker needs to fit neatly over the tile and must not overlap onto the grout line.

3: Using a dry cloth, smooth the sticker into position, pushing any bubbles out to the edges. Ensure all 4 sides are stuck down firmly.


  • Smooth ceramic wall and floor tiles
  • Drywall painted in a satin or gloss paint
  • Laminated surfaces (e.g. Formica, melamine, IKEA furniture)
  • Linoleum, vinyl, and laminate flooring
  • Parquet and varnished woodSealed concrete
  • Sealed polished stone (e.g. granite, marble, terrazzo)
  • Glass, Metal, Plastic, Acrylic, Perspex


  • Rough or textured wall and floor tiles
  • Irregular edged tiles or pocked surfaces (e.g. handmade tiles, tumbled marble)
  • Drywall painted in a matte, velour, or chalk finish
  • Cracked paint, old wallpaper
  • Unsealed subflooring, unsealed plywood, or raw wood
  • Waxed or oiled wood panelling
  • Unsealed concrete or stone tiles
  • Ceramic tiles with a wax coating
  • Cork or any other porous surface
  • Damp or cracked surfaces
  • Brick or slate

IMPORTANT! The sticker must not overlap the grout line.Not suitable for tiles with curved edges.

The stickers can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and general, non-abrasive household cleaners. Avoid scrubbingand harsh chemicals. Wipe away splashes which may stain (eg curry or tomato) immediately.

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