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How to apply Peel & Stick Wallpaper

To apply your wallpaper follow these steps.

Click on the diagrams to view a larger version or download the full PDF Guide.

Tools for the job

1. Measure 50cm from the left hand side of your wall

2. Draw a straight vertical line using your plumb line/spirit level (for a feature wall start in the centre of the wall for symmetry )

3. Cut to required length allowing a little extra (2cm top and bottom) for trimming later

4. Peel back around 30cm of the backing paper and apply the sticky side to the top of the wall, allowing a little excess to overlap the ceiling

5. Align the right side of your strip with your line and smooth into place. Working from top to bottom, gradually peel away the backing paper, smoothing the wallpaper from side to side as you go taking care not to stretch the paper. If you make a mistake or get air bubbles, simply peel back and re-apply.

6. Carefully matching up the pattern, apply the next strip with a slight overlap (0.5mm) to allow for possible shrinkage

7. Using the plastic smoother, push the wallpaper firmly into any corners or skirting boards and then use your knife to trim away the excess

8. To remove, slowly pull edge from the top corner in a downwards motion. The wallpaper is fully removable


  • Let the product acclimatise in the room for 48 hours prior to application
  • The application surface must be smooth, clean, dry and firm
  • Allow 4 weeks for newly painted walls to fully cure before application
  • Overlap each drop by 0.5mm to allow for shrinkage and avoid gaps between strips
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