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How to apply Peel & Stick Window Film

To apply your window film follow these steps. Click on the diagrams to view a larger version or download the full PDF Guide.

1. Tools for the job

2. Clean glass thoroughly to remove dirt or dust.

3. Measure the glass.

4. Use grid on backing paper to mark size.

5. Cut the vinyl 2mm smaller than the window, this ensures the vinyl is not touching the edge or seal.

6. Spray the glass with water and a few drops of washing up liquid (not essential but can aid application)

7. Peel away the backing paper.

8. Apply onto the glass and slide the vinyl into place leaving a gap away from the edge. Use a d-c-fix smoother or squeegee to remove any excess water.

9. Dry surface with a cloth, leave to dry completely (the vinyl may go cloudy, this is normal and will dry clear in 1-2weeks)!

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