60cm x 120cm Quadrostyle STELLA vinyl splashback panel (CYWS22M60)

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Luxury heavyweight peel & stick vinyl panel with a smooth matt finish


Heat to Remove

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For a quick, easy, budget-friendly way to create a feature in kitchens and bathrooms, these DIY self adhesive vinyl splashback sticker panels require minimum effort for maximum impact. Simply peel and stick to a smooth flat surface to inject some instant colour and pattern into your home.

The water resistant surface makes them ideal for use on walls or any smooth, flat surface to create a feature for splashbacks, furniture and even fireplace surrounds.

A special low-tack adhesive allows the vinyl to be repositioned during application and removed fully without leaving residue.


Perfect for use on the following surfaces:

  • Smooth, painted dry walls (satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish) Note: some matt paints are not compatible, so test first!
  • Melamine cabinets & laminated shelves
  • Glass splashbacks & mirrors
  • Metal surfaces such as aluminium and stainless steel
  • Varnished wood

Unsuitable for the following surfaces:

  • Matt paint
  • Textured or rough surfaces
  • Damp walls or cracked paint
  • Raw wood
  • Grout lines

Thin yet Tough

  • High quality phthalate free PVC vinyl
  • 305 microns thick – thinner than 1mm or 0.04″
  • No grout or caulk required
  • Smooth, soft & durable
  • TIP: Leave them in a warm place for 10 minutes to soften prior to installing


  • Renter friendly – Low-tack adhesive backing ensures the splashback can be removed easily with no sticky residue
  • Not re-useable

Water Resistant – ALWAYS seal edges and joins with silicone sealant in wet areas

  • Perfect as a kitchen or bathroom splashback. Ideal on shower walls and bath panels
  • The vinyl can withstand hot steam from stoves & showers if joins and edges are sealed

Non toxic

  • No VOCs. Safe for use in home, office and school

Hygienic and easy to Clean

  • Splashes wipe off effortlessly (remove spillages that may stain eg curry immediately)
  • Use a general purpose kitchen or bathroom cleaner
  • Do not scrub or use harsh, abrasive chemicals
  • Do not steam clean

Heat & fade resistant

  • The UV laminate coating not only protects from scratches & steam but also helps prevent fading
  • Suitable for use behind gas, electric & induction hobs but keep at least 10cm (4”) away from heat source
  • Too hot for you to touch? Then it’s too hot to apply vinyl stickers

Easy to apply

  • No special tools or tradespeople required
  • Easy, peel & stick application
  • Trim using a craft knife, scalpel or sharp scissors.


  • Leave the panels in a warm place for 10 minutes to soften prior to installing
  • When you wish to remove the panels, heat with a hairdryer for a few seconds to soften the adhesive

Please note: natural shrinkage of 1-2mm may occur



  • Not suitable for floors or worktops
  • Avoid application on areas that are likely to get hot. Remember, if it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot for a vinyl sticker !
  • Avoid use on surfaces subject to freezing temperatures, they’ll shrink.
  • Don’t scrub the surface or use harsh or abrasive chemicals when cleaning
  • Don’t apply over existing grout, the grout lines will show through
  • Don’t apply over damp, porous or cracked surfaces.


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