How to apply Quadrostyle Splashback Panels

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You will need:

Tape measure, spirit level, scissors, pencil,craft knife / scalpel blade, soft cloth or smoother. A friend to help!

1: Ensure the surface you are applying the panel to is completely clean and dry.

2: Carefully measure the area to be covered and cut to size if necessary. Note: It is easier to leave a few cm of overhang to be trimmed away later instead of trying to cut to the exact size.

3: Using a spirit level, mark a horizontal plumb line on the wall as a guide to ensure you hang the panel straight.

4: Peel away a 15cm section of backing paper and begin to smooth the panelon to the wall horizontally, lining the edge up with your plumb line. If you make a mistake, peel back and re-apply.Any air bubbles can be pushed out to the edges using your cloth or smoother.

5: When the first panel is in place and you are happy that it’s straight, line up the pattern on the next panel and repeat the process. Don’t overlap the panels, make sure they are butt joined. Trim away any excess with your scalpel blade.

The panels can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and general, non-abrasive household cleaners. Avoid scrubbing and harsh chemicals. Wipe away splashes which may stain (eg curry or tomato) immediately.


  • Smooth painted dry walls (satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish only)
  • Melamine cabinets & laminated shelves
  • Glass splash backs & mirrors
  • Metal surfaces such as aluminium and stainless steel
  • Varnished wood


  • Matt paint drywall
  • Textured or rough surfaces
  • Damp walls or cracked paint
  • Raw wood